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LOPO Solid terracotta tiles are single-skin terracotta panels that can be used as finishing material for wall. They are manufactured using the extrusion process as our thin brick and fired in roller kilns at high temperatures but in a larger format. The back texture is ribbed or dovetailed that can ensure the tile bond tightly to the setting materials. LOPO terracotta tile, combined the aesthetic of the clay beauty with the economic benefits, are suitable for various interior and exterior adhered veneer applications. Our terracotta wall tile has accurate dimensions, good flatness and physical properties, which meets the standards for architectural precast concrete construction.

LOPO terracotta tiles for wall are available in a wide range of colors and finishes (natural and glazed) that can be fully catered to architect's designs for distinctive facades. Our solid tiles are made from quality clay and hard fired in kilns, so the colors will not fade overtime.


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    Dimensions For LOPO Solid Terracotta Tile

    Thickness: 10 mm – 15 mm

    Length: 100 mm - 1200 mm

    Height: Max. 600 mmm

    Mass per unit area: approx. 21.5 KG/SQM

    (Thickness: 10 mm)

    Edge types: square or shiplap

    Corner options: miter-cut or bond corner

  • Solid Tile CollectionSolid Tile Collection

    LOPO solid terracotta tiles used as prefabricated decorative material for facade are available in wide ranges of textures,colors and finishes.